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BBQ Memories Class - February 7-9, 2025

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Because this will be a more intimate setting than my other classes, I'm only taking 20 guests. This is not a competition class. You'll be learning a method of cooking that is almost forgotten. If you love nostalgia and home cooking, join me!


All Sales are Final.  There are no refunds on our BBQ Cook School or BBQ Memories Classes. If you would like to be rolled into the next available class, please contact us for assistance.


In a time less complicated, when men barbecued out of necessity more than out of desire, BBQing was a way of life. It wasn't done because of competitions or to be the next food trend, it was done to be able to feed families, large ones, cheaply. The cheapest meat on a farm was pork. This class will cover what my Dad, Jack Mixon, first taught me about BBQ, and that was open pit cooking. I have constructed an identical replica of my family's original masonry pits and fire barrel. I'll cover selection of woods and starting of fires with lightered knots in the traditional manner. We will visit Morgan Farms and see how a heritage breed pork farm operats to select our whole hog, shoulders and ribs. Not only will we be doing open pit cooking , but we will also be preparing traditional South Georgia side dishes from start to finish, including Brunswick stew, cole slaw, potato salad, and homemade desserts.

We'll load the fire barrel and shovel coals, listening to grease sizzle on the embers, as it fills the air with aromas from days gone by. When the cooking is finished and the sides prepared, dinner on the grounds will begin. Fellowship, knowledge, and good food will have been shared.

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